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Episode 59: Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker

Oh boy.

One of the absolute strangest movies of the early-80s, featuring a bravado performance by the wonderful Susan Tyrrell as THE WORST PRIMARY CAREGIVER EVER and shockingly progressive, LGBT+ themes, Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker is a one-of-a-kind fever dream of a film, exactly the kind of thing that Madeline Koestner likes to subject me to, and I'm better for it.

Content Warning: Generally uncomfortable sexual themes/assault discussion.


Episode 58: Horror Express

More Peter Cushing!

Diamond Feit is back to talk about Horror Express, one of the funnest, silliest, wackiest, goofiest horror movies of the early-70s. And not only does it star my all-time favorite actor of all-time, Peter Cushing, but it also features my second-favorite actor of all-time; Christopher Lee. And someone who would probably make the top 10 or so; Telly Savalas! This movie kicks ass.


Episode 57: Twins of Evil

This Halloween I decided to spread the gospel of the Hammer House of Horror by subjecting Hammer virgin Anthony Abatte to one of my favorite films from the studio, 1971's Twins Of Evil! Not only does it have a standout performance by the legendary Peter Cushing, but the, ahem, titular characters are really something else too.

We also have a quick spoiler-free discussion about the new Halloween Ends, and rattle off some other horror movies you might want to check out this Halloween weekend.


Episode 56: The Taking of Beverly Hills

"Die Hard but in Beverly Hills" is elevator pitch for The Taking of Beverly Hills. And while the film looked like a sure-fire hit on paper thanks to its star, the then white-hot Ken Wahl, and it's director, Sidney J. Furie, the didn't even get the chance to fade into obscurity - it debuted there.

Rob Hill from The Bad Movie Bible joins me to try and find out why.

Content warning; When discussing Wahl's past, I quote some homophobic things other people said.


Episode 55: Million Dollar Mermaid

The original idea of this podcast was to focus on the types of films they don't make anymore and "Technicolor underwater musicals" certainly fit that bill. Diana Goodman of 30-20-10 joins me today to talk about Million Dollar Mermaid.

If you thought movies like The Avengers were spectacle, you ain't seen nothing yet.


Episode 54: Foul Play

We're 70s AF today on Cinema Oblivia. How 70s? We got a movie by the writer of Harold & Maude, starring Chevy Chase and Goldie Hawn, and featuring a hit single by Barry Manilow. That's how 70s.

Foul Play is a wacky little comedy that is very much of its era, and I'm happy that Diamond Feit called me up to talk about it! Check it out!


Episode 53: Shakedown

Shakedown is a 1988 action film about corrupt cops starring Peter Weller and Sam Elliott. It's one of the most bonkers movies of the 80s, thanks no doubt to its writer/director, the madman James Glickenhaus.

Madeline Koestner joins me once again to discuss this utterly bizarre flick, and she brought her attorney with her! Because this movie is full of so many crazy courtroom shenanigans that I just had to find out from an expert just how inaccurate this movie is. The answer will (not) surprise you!


Episode 52: Too Much

In 1987, Cannon Films teamed up with Toho Pictures in Japan to make a children's film about a friendly robot and his stupid American girl friend. It stars no one you've ever heard of and it was directed by a softcore porn producer. It's called Too Much, and it's really [insert movie title here]. Rhys (aka FlemishDog) joins me to talk about this family-friendly monstrosity.


Episode 51: American Ninja 2

We got an all-star line-up today! T.L. Foster is back! Anthony Abatte is back! Norm from A Question of Character is back! And they're all here to talk about American Ninja 2! Is it a good film? Probably not, but it's a great excuse to talk about Steve James, the man who should've been the biggest action star of the 1980s/90s/2000s/2010s and today.


Episode 50: Car Wash

A brilliant slice of life comedy from the director of The Last Dragon(!!) and Joel Schumacher(!?!?!?), Car Wash is a perfect time capsule of a bygone era, but still manages to hold up today as a fantastic comedy, all while offering insightful commentary on race, gender, sexuality, and religion. And it has George Carlin and Richard Pryor!

Anthony Abatte joins me to talk about this great piece of 70s pop culture, and its legendary soundtrack.

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